‘Measuring Success?’ blog launches

Last week we launched a new blog series called ‘Measuring Success?’, co-curated by The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC).

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The first contribution to the series is now live on the ACU Voice blog:

Geographical mobility and the Rhodes Scholarships across the 20th centuryDr Tamson Pietsch, University of Sydney

You can also follow the series using its tag on the ACU website, just click on the banner above or in the sidebar.

We are inviting contributions from experts throughout the sector to discuss their experiences analysing the outcomes of scholarships and of evidence-informed policymaking. Through hosting the series we are aiming to draw together knowledge from the global community and foster further international collaboration. We envisage that the series will be of interest to academic experts, staff within scholarship agencies, independent evaluators, international education professionals, and potentially many others.

We hope that some of the myriad actors involved in this field will comment and contribute to the series from their experiences and that it will grow into a rich dialogue.