‘Measuring Success?’ blog – Editorial

The end of October 2016 marks the one-year anniversary of ‘Measuring Success?’: The Association of Commonwealth Universities’ blog series about research on scholarship outcomes. To celebrate a year of fascinating content from authors around the world, I have written a reflection with my co-editor Sian Julian:

‘Measuring Success?’ year one – The scene, the motifs, the actors

The blog series has been developed – or perhaps curated – without a strong editorial line. We have helped develop some themes, but have not guided the topics much beyond defining the basic parameter that posts had to be relevant to understanding the outcomes of scholarship programmes. Reflecting on the contributions across 2016, it is evident that the series has grown to be much more than simply a technical blog about methodology (if it even started as such!)

Measuring Success will continue into 2017: we already have a few pieces lined up and plan to start the new year with a mini-series of linked posts. As always, we are happy to receive ideas for content and volunteers to write for the blog: send me an email directly or use the email link on the blog landing page to get in touch.