Article published: Approaches to analysing international scholarship programmes

To start the new year, the Journal of Studies in International Education has published my paper: “Approaches to Analyzing the Outcomes of International Scholarship Programs for Higher Education

The paper is based on research I conducted at the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission examining published literature on the outcomes of scholarship programmes and focuses on three issues: 1) the relationship between aims and outcomes, 2) difficulties with “attribution” and “contribution,” and 3) scholarship programs in comparison with their alternatives. You can also read the original report at the CSC website.

The complete summary:

International scholarship programs for higher education attract a substantial body of funding each year from national governments, supranational bodies, large charitable foundations, higher education institutions, and many smaller organizations. With aims variously shaped by international development and public diplomacy considerations, international scholarships fund students at higher education institutions worldwide. As the investment in, and scope of, scholarship programs has expanded, concurrent commitment to analysis and evaluation of their outcomes—both to improve policy making and justify further funding—has increased. This article explores several of the key methodological and conceptual challenges in the evaluation of international scholarship outcomes, focusing on the relationship between aims and outcomes, difficulties with “attribution” and “contribution,” and scholarship programs in comparison with their alternatives. The relationship between evidence gathering and policy making is considered in context of international scholarship programs, and several potentially useful future developments in evaluation approaches are suggested.