In review: Measuring Success? blog series, 2015

At the end of 2015 the Measuring Success? blog series has begun to pick up pace. Four contributions have been posted so far, with several more agreed with authors for early next year. So far we have examined:

Geographical mobility and the Rhodes Scholarships across the 20th century
Authored by Dr Tamson Pietsch, published on 16/10/2015
The Rhodes Scholarships scheme is one of the longest running programmes of scholarly exchange, and as such it offers a century’s worth of invaluable data for examining patterns in the geographical mobility of awardees post-scholarship. The author’s analysis has revealed some striking patterns. Read more

International scholarships and the SDGs
Authored by Dr John Kirkland, published on 06/11/2015
Half a cheer for the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the one hand it’s good to see increased prominence given to tertiary education, including a welcome reference to scholarships. But problems will emerge from the targets in themselves. Read more

Methodologies for evaluating short fellowship programmes
Authored by Dr Caroline Cage and Shireen Quraishi, published on 30/11/2015
Short fellowship programmes offer academics a tailored opportunity to develop professional skills. Given the individual nature of the fellowships, evaluation presents some challenges. Here, the authors outline the methodologies in place to assess impact of two specific schemes administered by the ACU. Read more

Defining success in light of student experiences
Authored by Aryn Baxter, published on 18/12/2015
A reflection on how the experiences of international scholarship recipients from low-income contexts might inform the ways we choose to define and measure success. Read more

If one can judge by the positive feedback received on the initiative, it seems that a space for short, critical pieces on topics highly salient to scholarship programmes is a welcome addition to the research, programme administration, and policymaking landscape.